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March 2014

Swimming Pool Paint

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I have an upcoming job that will be requiring painting the swimming pool. I love paint simply because it makes everything look better. I’m not fond of it being used inside the swimming pool but other options are too costly for my customer. So in the name of paint here is a cool paint video you might enjoy.

Client Login System

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Well all I had was a backup of the current client login system from the old website. It was a bunch of php, jquery and mysql. If you were like me you had no clue about that!

I spent all last night opening up the files and line by line examining the code. Could you believe that I understood it! Yep. I was able to figure it all out and even edit the code to add some things I needed.

So The client login system is installed and I will be looking into something a bit more fancy in the future.

The trophy of accomplishment!

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