The Problems of a Settling Pool Deck and Pressure Grouting

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What you are seeing is a crack in a return line pipe that was damaged by pressure grouting and settling. The problem begins with a settling concrete pool deck. The soil underneath cannot support the weight of that deck due to many different factors. Most of the time it is originally because of improper construction.

So whats the Problem?

The problem is the soil cannot support the weight. If you pressure grout the area you just add more weight on top of the soil. In the case of this damaged pipe picture above, the grout traveled down to the pipe and encased it. Now you have a deck that can settle and it is now connected to your return line by the pressure grout.

So how did the pipe crack?

The pipe cracked when the deck settled again and then pulled on the pipe because it was connected to the deck by the pressure grouting.

So my deck is settling what should I do?

If your local then you should call me to come out and look at your problem. Every pool and problem is different. I can assess them and give you my honest opinion on what I would do if it was my pool.

Service With a Smile

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Maybe you have seen this smile on your property?

So from time to time our customers have seen this smile on their property.

Theresa has been working with Pristine Pools since its inception and has performed many different tasks from cleaning swimming pools to helping on construction jobs and maintaining social media.

Theresa is a professional photographer for Pristine Pools and this time we caught her with a camera!

Buyer Beware! Inspect the Pool!

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Make sure You use Pristine Pools to inspect the pool and not a house inspection company!

I was recently called out to inspect a pool after the house inspecting company damaged the pool system and left the hot tub dry while burning up the motor. Luckily the Current Home Owner who was selling the house came home during the day and knew enough about his own pool to stop the damage from getting any worse.

What you don’t see is that the pool above has leaking pipes, a broken chlorinator, a broken heater and a Huge leak at the bond beam and the spa that will cost Big Bucks to have fixed!

Swimming Pools are alot like boats and if any of you has ever owned a boat you know what it stands for.

Bust Out Another Thousand!

Which is what you might be doing if you don’t have your pool inspected!

The very important reason to have your possible future pool inspected is to find out the cost of possible repairs needed. Then you can have the cost of the repairs reduced from the cost of the house or negotiate that the repairs be made before the sale takes place.

Hopefully this post saved you A Whole Bunch of Money!

Hot Tub Repair

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Winter is coming!

Winter is coming folks. Its that beautiful time of the year in Florida when you can stop watching the news and instead relax in your hot tub and watch the stars! Make sure your hot tub is working properly and ready to go. After all they are pretty expensive and you always want to make sure they are taken care of.

Not sure?

You can always schedule a service call!Very Popular

$ 100

Service CallWe can Check your pumps

We can check your water chemistry

We can check your filtration system

We can troubleshoot all problems

This is for 1 hours labor. Trip cost included.

Sometimes company just invites itself over….

Be Prepared!

Your Filter Cartridge

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Percentage of people that believe their cartridge is less than a year old.

It’s a fact.
Because I have personally experienced the awkwardness of having to say “no its definitely older than a year”. This is of course because I recommend a new cartridge be installed and the reply is “I just purchased it like 6 months ago”.
Its fine no worries here. It’s just awkward.
What most people don’t realize is that their cartridges should be replaced every year. Remember an air conditioner filter needs to be replaced every few months. So, when you think of that… then it really doesn’t seem too frequent at all. All in all you might be spending more money on chemicals due to insufficient filtering.
If you read this you just became a part of the 10%.

You just made it!

Swimming Pool Paint

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I have an upcoming job that will be requiring painting the swimming pool. I love paint simply because it makes everything look better. I’m not fond of it being used inside the swimming pool but other options are too costly for my customer. So in the name of paint here is a cool paint video you might enjoy.

Client Login System

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Well all I had was a backup of the current client login system from the old website. It was a bunch of php, jquery and mysql. If you were like me you had no clue about that!

I spent all last night opening up the files and line by line examining the code. Could you believe that I understood it! Yep. I was able to figure it all out and even edit the code to add some things I needed.

So The client login system is installed and I will be looking into something a bit more fancy in the future.

The trophy of accomplishment!

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