Swimming pool inspection for potential home buyersMost Popular

$ 250

One Time
  • Inspection of the swimming pool integreity -about 30 mins
  • Inspection of the swimming pool system -about 30 mins
  • Report emailed to you in one day which includes the cost of repairs needed
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Hand rail installation laborOne day install

$ 1000

One Time
  • does not include the cost of the hand rail
  • Hand rail grounding included
  • A good attempt to match the deck texture
  • The concrete and texture will be sealed
  • Escutcheons are included
  • Grounding hardware included
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Drain and RebalanceMost Popular

$ 650

One Time
  • Drain swimming pool
  • Fill swimming pool
  • Balance Chemistry of Water
  • Inspect System for Repairs Needed
  • One time Cleaning. Vacuum, Skim and Brush
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Acid WashMost Popular Stain Treatment

$ 1000

One Time
  • Drain Swimming Pool
  • Pool Surface Preparation
  • Acid Washing of Pool Surface
  • Acid Washing Pool Surface
  • Balance Water Chemistry
  • Inspect System for Repairs Needed
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“Water Chemistry can destroy your equipment and your swimming pool. I use the most expensive testing equipment available approved by the health department”

Every two years I'm tested and undergo continuing education.

Service CallVery Popular

$ 100

One Time
  • Troubleshoot, Repair or Installation
  • One hours time labor
  • Trip cost is included
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Emergency Service CallMost Popular

$ 200

One Time
  • Immediate Response
  • Available after hours
  • One hours time labor
  • Trip cost included
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Full Service Leak DetectionMost Popular

$ 500

One Time
  • Under water dye testing
  • Pressure test lines
  • Hydrophone testing
  • Camera Snake testing
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Color Seal Concrete Deck Recommended

$ 3

Per Square Foot
  • Available in 18 Stock Colors
  • Resists water and UV light
  • A blend of 100% non blushing, deep penetrating true acrylic resin
  • For commercial and residential use
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Are these the only plans?

No. I offer Swimming pool resurfacing and Tile installation. Swimming pool crack repair and commercial property swimming pool service, pump and filter installation, stain treating your pool and many more. These services will need to be inspected before prices are quoted.  Please feel free to call me and ask any questions.

Can I just have a service call to do a simple leak detection?

Yes. If you think you know exactly where your pool is leaking and would like to have a service call for troubleshoot or repair for that area. I can do that. I do recommend that you do a bucket test and that you watch your swimming pool closely before setting up the service call.

What is a bucket test?

A bucket test is when you place a 5 gallon bucket filled half way next to your swimming pool. Everyday at the same time you should mark the water level in the bucket and in your swimming pool. Measure how much water is lost and keep a log of it. Remeber to try to do this on consecutive days without rain and don’t add any water to your pool or bucket during the test.

Can I cancel at any time?

You must give me 24 hours notice for all service calls. You cannot cancel an emergency service call once it is in progress although you can notify me by phone and I can reduce the cost. For weekly maintenance I ask that you give me at least a weeks notice. Contracts will have their own cancellation terms in them.