What Is Pristine?

Pristine Pools is a swimming pool and spa contractor based in sunny Brevard County, Florida. We serve the areas of Mims, Titusville, Port Saint John, Cocoa, Cocoa Beach, Merritt Island, Rockledge, Viera and North Melbourne. Pristine is designed to provide quality products and services.

The job should be done right and that’s just how I see it.

Pristine arrives on time and presents a professional appearance that is friendly to both residential and commercial environments. Matthew has over 15 years of experience and believes in excellence in all that he does. 

What does Matthew do?

“I remodel swimming pools, I repair swimming pools , I resurface swimming pools, I install pumps and motors, I install and repair equipment like salt systems and filters and chlorinators, I install heaters, I tile swimming pools, I repair concrete, I repair hot tubs, I clean swimming pools and hot tubs and I balance water chemistry by the langlier saturation index.

I guess that’s the general description of what I do.”

How did this all happen?

“I followed in my fathers footsteps. When I was growing up he would always tell us about how he would dream of pools. Now I have dreamt of pools too but probably not as much as him. One thing he has told me is that I am now doing things he has not done.”

What is your code of ethics?

“My code of ethics is no drugs and no foul language. No smoking and no drinking, showing respect to women, children and the elderly. I try to discern everything and make clear decisions. I respect the law. If you need help I will lend a hand. Let my yes be yes and my no be no.”

Click here to see the tile I installed where my hand is at.

This is Glass Tile. You can see a reflection from the sun glimmering at the top of the picture.

We set an appointment with Matt to try to repair our spa. He had not worked on our brand of spa before so prior to the appointment he researched the specs of the spa. He was prompt and worked very hard to fix the problem. The spa is working better than ever. If I need my spa serviced again I will definetly call Matt.

Jennifer Cadoret

They do a great job. They are outstanding, dependable, and I am very pleased.

Helen Gaiser

They gave excellent service. On call when we need him outside of regular service dates.

Roger Loftis

They provide excellent service. The owner is a nice Christian man and is dependable.

George Stamer

Paul was very professional, experienced and efficient. He completed the diagnosis and repair quickly.

Kim Hamilton

Matt was on time & reasonably priced - Personable-worked efficiently-made sure we were satisfied with his work.

E Leitich

I used their service in April. They did a total resurface and other work on the pool. They were prompt. They did a good job. They are on time and priced reasonably.

Andrew Boyd