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Your Filter Cartridge

By May 3, 2014October 22nd, 2017Pool Filters

Percentage of people that believe their cartridge is less than a year old.

It’s a fact.
Because I have personally experienced the awkwardness of having to say “no its definitely older than a year”. This is of course because I recommend a new cartridge be installed and the reply is “I just purchased it like 6 months ago”.
Its fine no worries here. It’s just awkward.
What most people don’t realize is that their cartridges should be replaced every year. Remember an air conditioner filter needs to be replaced every few months. So, when you think of that… then it really doesn’t seem too frequent at all. All in all you might be spending more money on chemicals due to insufficient filtering.
If you read this you just became a part of the 10%.

You just made it!

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